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Your Baby

Our primary emphasis with young babies is one of "contact". Babies need cuddles and reassurance from people they know well.

We are renowned for creating positive relationships and cherishing all our children.

Our baby room practitioners are selected from our existing team. They must have the necessary qualifications and attributes before being offered a role with babies. Leaders are chosen for their empathy, knowledge and attention to detail. Their team is made up of practitioners who show a love of babies and have a commitment to stay with Kiddi-crèche for the foreseeable future.

Our gentle "settle" sessions allow strong and trusting relationships to form between babies and a small number of familiar practitioners. These sessions prove invaluable for you too as you gain trust in us and see how we will care for your baby in your absence. We will support your routine during your baby's early months, respecting your requirements and complimenting your wishes.

Even our youngest babies are given new experiences that excite their individual interest. By exploring their senses with practitioners babies have    

Here at Kiddi-crèche we are confident you will find the right balance for you and your little one.

opportunities to share meaningful learning. We will help your baby to become happy and content with confidence and feel self-assured.

Every baby is

unique and every baby is happy at


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