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Nutritious Meals and Snacks

In early childhood, eating habits and tastes (good and bad) are formed for life, so we offer a wide range of fresh and stimulating flavours to help establish a healthy eating pattern.

We take great care to provide meals and snacks throughout the week that offer a healthy balanced diet. Small tummies need regular meals and snacks to provide fuel for high energy toddlers, so our children are offered a meal or snack every couple of hours.

Snacks consist of carbohydrate, fruit or vegetables and milk.


                                                                   Example of our meals are below:

Our Kitchens are 5* Rated

Lunches :


Cauliflower, Broccoli and Cheese Bake Pear


Apple Pie with Custard

Nursery Fish Pie


Fresh Fruit Salad

Shepherd's Pie


Mixed Berry Crumble & Cream


Spanish Omelette


Fruity Yoghurt

Homemade Soup


Cup Cakes

Assorted Sandwiches


Cheese & Biscuits with Fruit

Meats supplied by our local high class family butcher

Parents often have strong opinions regarding diet. We recognise families have very different views about this. We do no make judgments we simply provide for your own requirements. So whether you want your child to be vegetarian or your child has an allergy, anything is possible. Meals, snacks and drinks are prepared in line with the Department of Health recommendations and the Eatwell Plate ensuring children receive the right dietary requirements.  

We work closely with families of weaning babies. As your baby goes through each weaning stage we respect your wishes and follow one step behind what you are providing at home.

Our meals are prepared fresh daily by our nursery cook from raw ingredients wherever possible. We purchase fresh produce twice weekly and all our meat is supplied by the local butcher, providing best quality. Drinking water is offered very regularly and older children access a water dispenser throughout the day.

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